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Fantasy | 5m 7sec | 2021

The Price of knowing is an animated short created by Eva Bonnevits, Felix Reijmers, Martijn Kersten and myself. My roles in this project where vfx fire and water animation, foley artist, voice acting director, script wrighter, poster designer and storyboarder. The voiceactors are Emma Verkruisen, Anne van Staveren, Tim van Nielen and Sem Mutombo. The filmscore is composed by Fleur Bonnevits.

the short was based on the theme:

What if you could buy your life expectancy?

So far, the animation has been shown at Go short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, Athens Digital Arts festival and Animae Caribe International Animation & Digital media festival.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - 17th Athens Digital Arts Festival Tactus - 2021.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Animae Caribe International Animation Digital Media Festival - 2021.p
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